About me

Hello! My name's Phoebe.

Practising now for over five years, I've been keen on photography since my dad showed me the ropes as a teenager. I specialise in fine art photography, and use this expertise in capturing many different sorts of images - nature, landscape, portrait, street, and wedding photography (...to name a few). Admittedly, I have a special spot for black and white and film images, so you'll find plenty of that here too.

I am most passionate about creating images which gracefully stand on their own as artworks rather than 'just photos'. I pay close attention to composition, lighting, colours, 'the whole shebang' as we might call it.

In my spare time I enjoy camping, overnight hikes, sculpting clay, gardening, finding the best cafes, and being with my partner, Chris, and family - oh, and taking photos!


Weddings, portrait photoshoots, couples photos, fashion photography, and fine art prints. I'm very open to all sorts of work and I would love to hear your ideas and arrange something for you!


Fine art, film, black & white, portraiture, and creative collaboration


Canberra based. Although happy to venture outside the border :)


Let's take some photos!

Send me a message and we can discuss your vision. I'll work out a price based on what you're after, and we can talk about all the details (location, timeframe, etc.)

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